Action lines

The goal of the project is to support Italian companies in increasing their competitiveness, in particular with a view to supporting the internationalization.

The project proposes several lines of action:

1 – Training of “high-potential young” from foreign countries for strategic export and internationalization of Italian companies

The project allows to introduce our companies and our culture of Made in Italy, in order to facilitate an in-depth knowledge and those direct reports that can be put in the system when the project participants will have an INT-ARS’ important professional growth in their country of origin.

A further advantage for companies that have / open production branches abroad is to have “known and raised” future leaders, who will perform on-site the strategic function as a bridge between the two cultures, although they had received training in our best universities.

2 – Training of “high-potential young” from countries considered priorities from the perspective of International Cooperation

In order to integrate the priority action of universal basic education and delivered on site, it is proposed a training program for the Master Training of future technicians in these countries, which will be able to support your country and cooperate with actions international cooperation promoted primarily from Italy (and the EU) in the process of realization aqueducts, power lines, buildings schools. The training of Master’s programs activated in Lecco is perfectly consistent with this objective, as in:

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Civil Engineering for Risk Mitigation
  3. Architectural Engineering

3 – Internationalization of research on selected sectors

The sectors identified are those related to the International degrees activated at the Politecnico of Milan: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering for Risk Mitigation, Architectural Engineering.

In addition, the sectors of textile, Industry Health, Technology for Life Environments, Advanced Materials, Optics and Space.

Another sector is tourism: the strong influx of young allows to qualify the promotion of the territory (Lombard and national), both in terms of leisure tourism, and tourism business; e.g. the promotion of the project to the delegations of businessmen and representatives from the world of education and research that will participate in EXPO 2015.

The fields correspond to regional priorities, national and EU (Smart Specialisation Strategy, KIC, Horizon2020, COSME) by exploiting the potential of the Campus of Lecco of Milan Polytechnic, who sees in addition to classrooms and research laboratories, 207 apartments and a building with Unit 7 CNR Institutes, as well as a network of research institutes in health care (within 30 to 50 km), etc.

More information is available on the Campus page and the Lecco System network.

4 – From the pre-EXPO 2015 EXPO 2020 in Dubai

Creating synergies between:

  1. The acquired skills in the course of study and / or research and culture of origin of the project participants Int-ARS
  2. The need for internationalization of our companies
  3. With the exceptional opportunity offered by EXPO 2015, thinking in particular to the preparatory phase of attraction of the delegations and / or customers (current and prospective), the EXPO period and especially after the EXPO, where to follow up reports created

The project is proposed as a “bridge” between EXPO Milan 2015 and Expo Dubai in 2020, during the mentioned period, and the following years.

Then, EXPO can be considered the showcase of the activities of Unioncamere, MiSE Agency and ICE for future activities and past from the perspective of internationalization, international cooperation and investment in human capital.

The project itself is the flag, as it will be possible to develop specific synergies between the project participants and enterprises / delegations that will be affected / present.