The INT–ARS project is the evolution of the Project Formare Ingengeri Stranieri” (training foreign engineers) who has an extensive experience of 10 editions of International Master’s programs at the Politecnico of Milan, at the focal points of Lecco and Como, with over 1900 graduates from over 90 Nations.

The goal is a part of a long-term and far-reaching strategy to support Italian businesses in increasing their competitiveness, particularly from the perspective of internationalization, promoting investment in human capital.

To this end, the project aims to attract researchers, students and young foreign entrepreneurs, offering them advanced training, opportunities for discussion and collaboration with local and Italian businesses with the research labs in Lecco.

The goal is to create an ideal environment for students, researchers and entrepreneurs, providing them with a network of solid relationships, tools and personal excellence to help them interact effectively with the local fabric and improve results.

Precisely for this reason, is offered the opportunity to interact with a particular Campus in Italy, which combines international Degrees with highest multidisciplinary research (Politecnico di Milano and 7 CNR Institutes).

Furthermore, the system is already integrated with the Brera Astronomical Observatory (INAF), IRCCS MEDEA (specialized developmental age), IRCCS INRCA (specializing on the elderly) and the Rehabilitation Clinic Villa Beretta (Valduce Hospital), in addition to having collaborations active with companies that conduct research.