A history ten years long

Ten years ago, the project “Formare Ingegneri Stranieri” (training foreign engineers) has been activated. In recent years it has delivered Master degrees with education programs in English in the Territorial Poles of Como and Lecco of Milan Polytechnic.

At present, the project has a total assigned over 2,000 Master degrees to students from over 90 countries.

In recognition of the positive results of the project, the Politecnico di Milano offers Master degrees in international headquarters in Milan in 2014.

The project is a long-term investment: aims to create “ambassadors of the territory”, graduates whose training is based on local best practices.

In addition, the ex-students have known local companies and close contacts. When they return to their native countries (or move to another area) to work, there will be the possibility to exploit a privileged contact, promoting the provinces of Como and Lecco and providing new opportunities.

Several institutions have sponsored the project over the years: the Chambers of Commerce of Como and Lecco, Lombardy, Unioncamere, the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), ICE – Italian Trade Agency.