“Int–ARS@Lecco” is a next step in the innovation process of the Lecco district. It enhances the “Formare ingegneri stranieri” project by leveraging the gained experience to attract foreign researchers and young entrepreneurs in the Lecco district.

As part of a long-term strategy, a number of actions were designed and implemented to foster systemic innovation in the district. Research and industry have been brought closer to each other and given interfaces to simplify and support the innovation process.

The aim is to create an ideal environment for students, researchers and entrepreneurs,
providing them with a network of strong relationships, facilities and human resources to help them interact effectively and improve their results.

Local entrepreneurs, with their high technological expertise and potential for innovation, provide favourable conditions for win-win cooperation.

The partners and the networks in the district

Univerlecco Association

Lombardy Cluster TAV

Lecco Innovation Living Lab

Lecco Engineering District

Lecco Textile District